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It went well!

Ok so I did the song tonight and it went very well! I talked with Jill before Large Group started and she told me that we would do it after Senior Testimonals. Once Large Group started, we started off with worship. After worship, we had senior testimonials and I was in line and I was like second in line and when I got upto the mic, Jill (who was acting as an interviewer) was like no, you are last, get to the end of the line. So I went to the end of the line and I am thinking why am I at the end of the line. When I finally got upto the mic again, I answered the questions Jill asked me. The last question Jill asked me was "And what are you going to do right now?" I replied with Sing once I get my music. I grabbed my water bottle and music, took a drink from my bottle and set my music on the stand. I then grabbed the mic and spoke to everyone. I said "This is a song that Nathan and I have been working on for a better part of the semester. It is not a Christian song, it is Secular but I think it has a very Christian message in it." I then gave Nathan the cue to start. I sang and as I sang, I was shaking a little, just my hands. Once I finished, everyone applauded and I couldn't help but smile. I got a bunch of compliments on my singing and a few people asked me whose song it was. A couple people once they knew who it was said that they liked them as well, which was very cool. One of my friends said that if I had not said that the song was Secular, she would have thought that it was definitely a Christian song. She also saw where I was coming from on what I thought about the song and how it could be God talking to us. Needless to say, the song was very well received.

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